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Steps to sign-up*

1. Fill in the correct form

2. If you are an author you MUST fill in the first form only as you this will secure your table, you do not need to fill in the second form

3. wait for a reply from our team (This may take a few weeks due to demand)

4. if you are accepted and are invoiced for your table or for selling merch please pay within 2 weeks of receipt to secure your place

5. If we are at capacity you will be informed, please advise us if you would like to be placed on the wait-list

*Please note that if you are a poet and wish to spend the day meeting readers and selling your books, you will need to sign-up on the first form as you will require a table. If you only wish to perform your poetry and not sell your books please fill in the second form. Thanks.

Sign-up is currently unavailble. Watch this space for updates
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